LipoLaser is a new program offered by our office since April 2013. It has been very successful in kick-starting or finishing many individual weight loss regimens. LipoLaser is a non-invasive (no incision), painless procedure. There is absolutely no recovery time; patients are able to go about their normal day after their appointment(s).

On average, patients will lose an inch during the first 2 sessions. Fat is composed differently within all of us. Fat is layered and varies in quantity and thickness. Some patients will see immediate results while others may take longer to see their first inch loss. Results vary greatly between patients. Factors that may affect your success with LipoLaser include: toxicity level, composition of fat, weight, metabolism, treatment area, physical exercise, what you eat, when your appointments are scheduled, amount of water you drink, and (for women) where you are in your menstrual cycle.

High toxicity levels can also impair weight loss by making it more difficult for your body to naturally rid itself of fat and waste. If we notice that you are resistant to the LipoLaser treatment, we may suggest you take a toxicity test (available at our office for no charge) and participate in a detox/cleanse. Timing is also very important. For optimum results, schedule appointments at least twice a week with 24-72 hours between appointments.

Research has shown that the best results appear after 9 treatments whereas fewer treatments are for those patients who only wish to lose a few inches. The LipoLaser program can be used for serious weight loss, but using only this method can become expensive. Our office offers numerous other weight loss/detoxification programs that can be used in conjunction with the LipoLaser program to aid in your weight loss goals. Please contact our office for more information on these additional weight loss/detoxification programs.

Note: Like other weight loss programs or surgeries, results can only be maintained when you make healthy lifestyle choices. LipoLaser is not meant to be a "quick fix" but to jumpstart or finish off your own personal weight loss goals. Our office specializes in nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice, and we are able to offer suggestions on healthy lifestyle changes you can make to reap the most benefits from your LipoLaser treatment.